Lazada is pioneering eCommerce.

With our tremendous growth, we seek dynamic, entrepreneurial, broad-minded individuals to join us.
Hone your creativity, invent and innovate, and set your own highest standards within a nurturing, equal opportunity environment.

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Lazada is the place to be if you are seeking for a dynamic and interesting career. Lazada encourages ownership and leadership so that young professionals are given an opportunity to learn and grow FAST!
Irene Ling
Regional Recruiter
Lazada is a group where you learn that moving fast is not fast enough, that being good is not good enough.
Charly Leporc
Senior Product Manager
I love Lazada & Lazada Express (LEX) because it keeps my adrenaline rushing. The pace is just so exciting and there's never a dull moment... Every country where we have presence resonates similar vibes and that's just what makes this an awesome place to work in!
Adrian Tham
VP, Sortation (South East Asia), Lazada Express

Be part of our success story

At Lazada, we are entrepreneurs and owners, revolutionalizing the online shopping experience.

Equal Opportunity Employer

Lazada Group provides equal employment opportunity without regard to gender, race, color, religion, ethnicity, language, national or social origin, citizenship, age, disability, property, pregnancy, birth status, marital status, familial status,protected genetic information and political affiliation/opinion or any other characteristic protected by applicable national and local laws pertaining to non-discrimination and equal opportunity.

Amazing things happen here

We are confident yet humble in the pursuit of excellence. We are open-minded, honest and respectful, forging an environment built on trust. There are no other sides to us.

As a young and dynamic company, Lazada is the place for you to grow and develop your career. Join our diverse and motivated team, and be part of our exciting growth journey.

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