Supply Chain & Logistics

Lazada E-Logistics (LEL)

The Lazada E-Logistics (LEL) team, Lazada Group’s logistics arm, connects one of the world’s most populous regions – Southeast Asia – with our logistics partners. The use of leading technologies and Lazada’s robust modular infrastructure means fulfilling orders on time and being able to provide services such as guaranteed next-day delivery, real-time tracking and end-to-end cross-border logistics. The team’s core business functions include analysing industry trends and market changes to ensure affordability and reliability for all stakeholders while innovating impactful logistics solutions customised to each country.

LEL Express (LEX)

The logistics experts in the LEL Express (LEX) team are committed to flawless delivery performance, handling every parcel with care from first mile pick-up to last mile delivery. The team liaises closely with professional and dedicated ambassadors globally to maintain our top-notch fleet of sorting centres, linehaul and shuttle business functions.

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