Transport Manager-Singapore
Supply Chain & Logistics
Department: Supply Chain & Logistics
Location: Singapore
Job Description
This position will lead the development of Transport operations planning models (ie P&L, Capacity planning, Routing efficiency, Transport Performance Business Intelligence Drivers performance, Billing and Claims, Transport Assets – Vehicles & Ancillaries), in order to build operational excellence in line with Safety, Predictability, Productivity, Quality with a pursuit of reducing Lead Time .
The selected candidate will work closely with cross functions in Finance, Capacity Planning, Technology & 3PLs to understand and identify the manpower and mechanical/technical resource requirements and support the Transport Operations leads in execution.

Main Responsibilities and Duties
1) Financial Performance
• Monitor financial indicators for the transport team including the P&L, invoicing, invoice quality and claims
• Update operations cost models and track data on a continuous basis
• Identify issues and risks monthly with regards to P&L and propose changes to mitigate financial risks
2) Volume Allocation Management
• Lead and maintain transport work plan for short and long term, driven by volume/ productivity/budget plans
• Use trends and forecasting methods to estimate capacity requirements on a weekly basis.
• Consolidate all plans for capacity determinants in operations, e.g. vehicles, routes, zone, contractor 3PL, day of week/month, seasonality
• Create plan with horizons covering 3 months at daily level while focusing on accuracy for the near-term planning
• Align closely with Capacity planning team in Operations for overall Fulfilment centre capacity forecasts and link dependencies to the transport forecast accurately.
• Identify opportunities to continuously improve and tune calibrate the capacity planning determinants.
• Adjust operational plans in an agile manner, with rapid deployment of alternatives to the situation.
3) Routing Operations
• Lead a team of routers to execute the capacity plan on a daily basis, ensuring route efficiency and accuracy
• Incorporate seasonal and road diversion plans into the capacity model and ensure resource requirements are planned and arranged in time to support all activities
• Work closely with Transport Operations to validate and align routes
• Work closely with Tech team to improve route quality based on routing standard of Service Time, Interdrop Distance, Volume Capacity and Interdrop Travel Time
4) Transport Performance & Reporting
• Define local reporting guidelines as well as develop monitoring dashboards to steer business direction and initiatives
• Analyze key operations indicators/metrics and highlight anomalies and/or trends that can be used for continuous improvement
• Create feedback platforms and incorporate recommendations from transport operations into capacity planning and routing configurations
5) Vendor Management
• Respond to vendors’ queries, validations and issues related to routes and performance
• Lead vendors’ reviews and contract negotiations
Job Requirements

• Degree (Bachelor / Masters) in Business Administration or Industrial Engineering with focus on Operations or Supply Chain Management
• 5 years of relevant experience in transport capacity forecasting, planning and analytics
• At least 3 years’ experience in goods-delivery route planning and deployment within dense urban cities, preferably at a large logistics organisation
• A good understanding of fulfilment centre and transport operations.
• Track record of leading and inspiring a team of individuals to work collaboratively and continuously improve results.
• Solid team player with a Customer first First mindset.
• Strong attention to detail, analytical mindset and systematic problem-solving skills.
• Self-motivated and desire to learn and seek new challenges.
• Ability to influence others, including key stakeholders in the wider business.
• Strong MS Excel skills are essential. SQL fluency is an added advantage.
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