Manager, MHE & Maintenance-Jakarta
Supply Chain & Logistics
Department: Supply Chain & Logistics
Location: Indonesia
Job Description
The incumbent will be responsible for ensuring the performance of the conveyor supervisor team in managing and maintaining the machines in such a way as to support the operation as efficiently as possible. Provide service and handling every conveyor operational problem and ensure all systems work properly.

Responsibilities :

- Maintenance manager assisting in preparation of machine maintenance programs, developed and managed in accordance with the objectives of the performance, quality, qualifications and EHS.
- Create and maintain sustainable and cost effective for maintenance routine Program
- Work within the framework of MHE maintenance program and objective
- Work closely with the operational team to plan maintenance and implementation strategies in the short and long term. develop partnerships with outside experts to provide the most effective service from any issues related to the conveyor.
- Monitoring and coordination with operational officers for maintenance work is conditioned effectively and on time as intended
- Ensure that all section conveyors work well and avoid major downtime during operations
- Coordinate other team in structure to fulfill and complete work orders.
- Travel to other site for support technical skill and engineering on troubleshooting
- Conveyor performance report (EAM) & Predictive maintenance report (EAM)
- Report on the work done by the 3rd party and assistance in the work
Job Requirements
- Bachelor Degree, equivalent in Mechanical and electrical fields
- 5+ years experience in conveyor construction and maintenance
- Good command in Bahasa & English
- Ability to coordinate and direct the work of the subordinates.
- Communicate effectively, both written and orally
- Maintain effective working relationship with the operation team
- Good in analyze conveyor performance and provide improvement suggestions
- Able to work with minimum supervision, meet the scheduled time lines, and to plan and organize the work accordingly if required.
- Proficiency in computer is required to generate relevant work reports
- Should have excellent problem solving skills.
- Strong maintenance skill.
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