Supervisor, Warehouse Inventory-Ho Chi Minh
Supply Chain & Logistics
Department: Supply Chain & Logistics
Location: Vietnam
Job Description
Cycle Count and adjustment Management:
• Ensuring all compliances related to Cycle Count is achived or over achieved
• Ensuring cycle count productivity is achieved or over achived
• Performing weekly adjustments and investigating for loss products
• Re-investigate with discrepancy of high value items
• Defective report (Included: Wrong FFM, WH Damaged, 3PL damaged)
• Gain/Loss report (with analysis of products with high impact from loss, misplacement and picking activities)
Solid Project Mangement:
• Defective Clearance (Sold-off and disposal)
• Defective Management Project (Reducing defective, enforcing rule and policy)
Back To Inventory:
• Responsible for BTI management and controlling during Campaign
• Ensuring BTI stock area is under well manage and well-organized
• Finding original location for BTI Products
Defective Management (Executing):
• Receiving defective products from Inbound and Outbound team
• Putaway defective products to defective locations
• Picking and moving expired products as per system indicated
• Updating status of defective area (5S, location utilization and storage capacity)
• Conduct quality check on the inventory
• Escalation of ground work issue to supervisor/manager for resolution
• Monitor workers’ attendance to ensure sufficient manpower in the warehouse

• Understanding 5S concept or lean methodology
• Other tasks or projects assign by Senior Supervisor or Manager
Job Requirements
• Bachelor degree or above supply chain management / Warehouse management is typically required.
• Must have a minimum of one year of supervisory experience, preferably in a warehouse or distribution center environment.
• Analytical skill is a plus
• Supply chain/Logistics Certificate is a plus
• Must be able to handle multiple duties in a fast paced environment.
• Must have ability to work flexible schedule to include nights and weekends (in case of job needs).
• Strong computer skills are a plus (working knowledge of Microsoft Excel, Word, PowerPoint).
• Must communicate by English
• SQL, Python understanding is a plus
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