Senior Manager, Sortation-Jakarta
Supply Chain & Logistics
Department: Supply Chain & Logistics
Location: Indonesia
Job Description
Sortation Senior Manager expected to:
 Manage the daily operations of all of the sortation center through supervision of the inbound, sorting, reprocessing and outbound functions of the center
 Supervise the managers responsible for each of the four sortation functions
 Lead the day-to-day relationships and manage the activities of the 3PL staff and companies that operate in our sort facility.
 Ensure that staffing of the sort functions is appropriate and react to daily volume changes and changes in freight profiles.
 Oversee the training and development of sortation centre staff through a close working relationship with LEX HR.
 Monitor productivity, capacity, and participate actively in the choices to add technology to manual operating procedures.
 Balance facility activity and priorities to meet line haul obligations, fine sorting processes, fleet unloading work, scanning and sorting effectiveness for high service levels and accuracy.
 Ensure data integrity and timeliness in the updating to package journey, ensure that journey routing decision rules are uniformly and accurately applied.
 Make sure that our customer service obligations are constantly met.

[Team / Reporting Lines / Peers]

Supervising Sortation Managers and the role will report to the local Sortation Vice President. The incumbent peer is Line-haul & Shuttle Senior Manager and First Mile Senior Manager.

Role scope includes (but not limited) the following:
▪ Monitoring in Inbound process.
▪ Monitoring in Sorting process.
▪ Monitoring in Outbound process.
▪ Monitoring in Re-processing process.
▪ Maintain and sustain KPI of all processes.
▪ Maintain and sustain tidiness of Sortation facility
Job Requirements
Across Lazada, we expect talent embraces values that enables delivering on our ambitious agenda. We will expect the candidate to be
▪ Entrepreneurs & Owners
- Takes initiative, proactively thinks ahead and holds self constantly accountable to drive the result.
- Prefers to try and fail rather than not to try at all.
- Wants to achieve company’s success as if he/she was a founder and owner of the company.
- Puts company’s success ahead of own success.
▪ Customer & Seller Centric
- Puts customers and sellers first.
- Is determined to deliver the best experience for customers and sellers.
- Always looks proactively for areas to improve.
▪ High Standards and Innovation
- Sets stretch goals for self and business.
- Is known for bringing new ideas to the table and always looks at ways to innovate processes or products.
- Will always go for best achievable outcome while taking into account and motivating others.
- Digs deep into content. Understands the relevant details, and how they impact the big picture.
- Drives organization to make structural, impactful improvements.
▪ Humble & Challenging
- Challenges ideas, while always showing respect for others.
- Holds other people accountable, while setting the right example.
- Agrees to disagree and then commits whole-heartedly to the decided approach.
- Demonstrates open-minded thinking.
▪ Communicative & Integrity
- Communicates clearly and listens effectively.
- Works effectively by keeping their stakeholders informed of necessary information and initiatives.
- Clearly practices honesty and respect to forge an environment built on trust.
- Gives regular, actionable feedback.

Qualifications & Skills
[Short Paragraph Highlighting Specific Qualifications / Skills / Experience for The Role]

 University Degree along with a specialist logistics and supply chain qualifications preferred.
 Approximately 5-10 years’ relevant experience in logistics and supply chain industry.
 Advance understanding of operation management, productivity and efficiency.
 True field leader, influencer and motivator.
 Have a certification in performance improvements and operation excellence would be an advantage
 Data and root cause analysis.
 Forecasting.
 Mentoring.
 Report preparations.
 Presentation.
 Project Management.
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