How To Sell Smart

List Your Products

Creating good content as your list your products is the first important step to getting more sales. Good quality images and detailed product description encourage customers to click on your products and buy them.


Manage Your Sales

There are many ways to maximize your sales. Apart from offering products at competitive prices, you can join Lazada’s promotions to gain more exposure for your shop. Optimizing keywords in your products’ names and ensuring that you have listed them in the right product category are other ways to sell more.


All About Shipping

There are many ways to maximize your sales. Apart from offering products at competitive prices, you can join Lazada’s promotions to gain more exposure for your shop. Optimizing keywords in your products’ names and ensuring that you have listed them in the right product category are other ways to sell more.


Your Payments

There are no costs involved to list your products on Lazada. You are not required to pay for anything until your items are sold.


Lazada University

We offer comprehensive training materials, videos and online webinars to help you manage your shop and grow your sales.


Partner Support Center

You can browse FAQs to solve your questions instantly or contact Partner Support team for help.


Seller Center

The one-stop platform with everything that you need. We make it easy for you to sell, learn and connect. Be your own boss and see your business grow.


Seller Success Stories

Hear from our sellers on how they have leveraged Lazada’s end-to-end support system to achieve a successful business online.


Gallery & Events

At Lazada, events are organized throughout the year to allow continuous dialogues and to create a sense of seller community.


Lazada Official WeChat Account

You can browse latest e-commerce trends including Lazada‘s news update and industry insights in Southeast Asia, discover secrets behind shopping behaviors, and engage in fun games on our Official Wechat Account every week.

Frequently Asked Questions

Lazada Seller Center is an online platform that allows sellers to manage and operate their e-Commerce shop.

Please refer to Lazada University or click this link for a complete guide on Lazada Seller Center.

First, you will have to select a category for your product. Next, you will be prompted to fill in various attributes for your product, including pictures. Detailed product attributes can help you secure buyers’ attention better. Upon completing this process, your product will be created and subjected to Quality Check (QC) for up to 3-5 working days.

There are currently four methods to upload products:

i. One-by-one Single Upload
ii. Mass Upload
iii. Standard Product Unit (SPU)
iv. API

You will be required to fill in a list of mandatory attributes specific to your product category, design an informative product description and upload attractive pictures for your product. All information and training resources relating to content creation are available on Lazada University. Click here to find out more now.

Lazada University provides a suite of training programs targeted to enhance the proficiency of our sellers. Visit Lazada University today to find out how you can improve your performance!

You will receive an email notification via your Lazada-registered email when a new order is received. If you have the Seller Center mobile app, you will receive an app notification as well.

Standard procedures in fulfilling orders:

a. Update order status from “Pending” to “Ready to Ship” Tab in Seller Center.
b. Pack the item(s) according to Lazada packaging guidelines.
c. Print Shipping label and invoice.
d. Put the invoice in the parcel and the shipping label on the parcel.
e. Deliver the parcel to sortation center.

All order status has to be updated to “RTS” within 48 hours (Weekend and Public Holidays exclusive) and parcels arrive sortation center within 7 calendar days after order creation to avoid order cancellation and penalties that will affect your seller performance.

You will be able to view your order summary in Lazada Seller Center’s home page under the Orders tab.

No. All Crossborder sellers can only use LGS service for order fulfillment. However, sellers are free to choose any 3PL to deliver their parcels to Lazada Sortation Center.

LGS will provide a few delivery attempts when delivering item to customer. However, after certain attempts, if still customer is not around, the order will be shipped back to seller and shown under “Orders > Manage Orders > Completed > Delivery Failed” in Seller Center.

LGS is an end-to-end fast and fully controlled shipping solution provided by Lazada. For more information, you can check on Lazada University.

Yes, all Crossborder sellers are eligible for LGS by default.

Seller can check the LGS rate card on Lazada University.

Seller can check the details about LGS on Lazada University.

If the SKUs is a bundle, items must be packed together

You need to bring along with the goods the following documents:

i. Place the printed invoice in the parcel
ii. Place the printed shipping label on the parcel

Lazada reserves the right to refuse any inbound of products if they are not packed in sealed containers.

Sellers are expected to enjoy a higher number of orders and revenue during Lazada’s promotional campaigns:

i. Up to 3.5x the average daily items sold
ii. Up to 3x the average daily sales
iii. Highest revenues are achieved during campaigns

All promotion campaigns can be found under the Promotions tab.

After selecting the campaign that you are interested to join, simply submit the products that is/are eligible for such campaign by clicking “Add product” button.

Your product will have to go through a Quality Check (QC) process to ensure that it meets our minimum requirement, so submit your products early to have ample time to prepare for the campaign. Once all the submitted products are approved, simply wait for orders to come in during the campaign!

Sellers’ Term and Conditions can be found in the Agreement Policy sent to you via email after you have complete your registration.

You can find the commission tables on Lazada University . Currently, there is a new commission guideline, “Current Lazada Crossborder Commission Table” for all Crossborder sellers until further notice.

Lazada has Zero Tolerance towards counterfeit product. Lazada takes product authenticity very seriously and seeks to protect rights of owners from copyright or trademark infringement. As such, sales of counterfeit and replica product is strictly prohibited in Lazada. In addition, should you wish to use images or videos from various sources, please seek permission from the rights owner or creator beforehand.

For more information on our Zero Tolerance Policy towards counterfeit product, prohibited product, click here.

In Lazada, customers are given the option to return the product due to the following reasons:

i. Damaged or defective product
ii. Product not as advertised
iii. Wrong product or missing items
iv. Change of mind (Only valid in Thailand)

Customers are given up to 7 calendar days upon receiving the product to fill up the Online Returns form and return the product.

For more information on Lazada’s return policy, please visit Lazada University or simply click here.

You will be paid once an order has been delivered via your corporate account of the linked payment provider in your Seller Center.

Lazada will reconcile the orders and pay you for the orders that have been delivered to customers successfully on a weekly basis via your payment provider's account.

Your payment may be delayed if the order is cancelled, Failed delivery, Returned. Or you may contact HK Partner Support Center by submitting the Enquiry Form or visit http://www.lazada.com/partnersupport for more information.