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Lazada는 전자 상거래의 개척자입니다.

고속의 성장과 더불어 우리와 함께할 역동적이며 기업가 정신을 가진 분들을 찾고 있습니다.
동등하며 무한한 기회가 있는 기업환경에서 여러분의 창의력, 혁신적인 사고를 개선하세요.

Working at Lazada means constant change, new projects, challenges, opportunities to learn and grow. Every day, I work with people who are passionate about working on a product with such potential and real impact on the life of our customers. I have to constantly adapt to stay ahead of the game and I’m loving it! 

It’s a real thrill to be a part of a team, and company, that is committed to changing the way people in South-East Asia live. There is never a dull day, when I can see the impact my work is making.
Wesley Stuurman
Product Development Lead (Checkout & Payments)
Lazada is a group where you learn that moving fast is not fast enough, that being good is not good enough.
Charly Leporc
Senior Product Manager
I love Lazada & Lazada Express (LEX) because it keeps my adrenaline rushing. The pace is just so exciting and there's never a dull moment... Every country where we have presence resonates similar vibes and that's just what makes this an awesome place to work in!
Adrian Tham
VP, Sortation (South East Asia), Lazada Express

Be part of our success story

우리 Lazada는 고객에게 차별화되고 혁신적인 온라인 쇼핑 경험을 제공하는 기업 입니다.

동등한 기회 제공

Lazada그룹는 성별, 인종, 피부색, 종교, 민족, 언어, 국적, 사회적 신분, 시민권, 나이, 장애, 부력, 자산 규모, 임신여부 ,출생, 혼인, 가족, 유전, 정치적 성향 등에 해당 국가/현지 법에 의해 규정된 내용에 따라 차별 없이 동등한 고용 기회를 제공합니다.

Amazing things happen here

As a young and dynamic company, Lazada is the place for you to grow and develop your career. We’re proud of who we are and our values are a genuine representation of our company culture. Not only do they shape the way we do business, they also guide us towards our future.

Entrepreneurs and Owners

We are all entrepreneurs and owners at Lazada.
We have a holistic view of the company’s strategy, and are accountable to drive the end result.

Customer and Seller Centric

We know what our customers and sellers need and want, and work to deliver the best experience.

Highest Standards and Innovation

We prefer to set our own highest standards than follow what others have prescribed.
We invent, innovate and implement at a high quality and speed, with no compromise.

Humble and Challenging

We are confident but humble in the pursuit of high standards.
We all have an obligation to challenge if we disagree.

Communication and Integrity

We voice our case, agree to disagree and then commit whole-heartedly.
We are open-minded, honest and respectful, forging an environment built on trust.

Amazing things

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